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Our Crew & Fleet

Allen G. Mnyenye
Allen has worked as a professional safari driver and enthusiastic guide for much of his lifetime.

After more than twenty years of experience in the safari business he created Allan Tanzania Safari out of his desire to share the majestic East African wildlife with travelers who seek outstanding and authentic travel adventures.

As managing director Allen can make a difference, which is why he can be booked as a personal guide for selected groups.

Allen firmly believes that a visit to Tanzania is incomplete if the Serengeti has not been included. He loves to share his expert knowledge and passion for the Serengeti and its awesome wildlife. Allen has intimate knowledge of the terrain and wildlife of Tanzania.

Most of all Allen loves the Serengeti, Tarangire, and Arusha National Park. His favorite animals are the African Elephant and all big cats, but he also feels drawn to the endangered species.

Allen was awarded with certificates for his expert knowledge about wildlife, for his environmental care, and for his social and cultural commitment in Tanzania. Fluent in both English and Swahili Allen feels perfectly familiar with local traditions and the international tourist business.

Our Team We are very proud of our employees, most of which come from the local villages. Those who worked for us for many years usually started their career in our enterprise. Quite some of our trainees have proved to be highly talented in handling our guests with enthusiasm and respectful care. For generations we have worked and lived in Northern Tanzania, so we really know about our territory, about our wildlife, and of course about our people. Let us get you in touch with the magic of East Africa.

Calvin driver guide, 30 — “The Serengeti is the place that deeply touches everyone´s soul.To me it´s like the paradise on earth.”

Abraham driver guide, 36 — “According to me Cheetahs are among the most beautiful and elegant looking animals. I am really locked into the aesthetic precision and explosive power of a hunting cheetah over and over again.”

Amani driver guide, 28 — “Baboons have supreme cognitive abilities very similar to chimpanzees. In terms of the way they behave, one can see how these creatures resemble to humans. I just love to watch them trying to solve difficult situations and social disputes.”

Silas tour manager, 27 — “There is nothing else on earth like standing on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain on the African continent. It is a very emotional, somehow spiritual, raw, and even empowering experience.”

Tony driver guide, 28 — “To be with thousands of wildebeests and zebras galloping around you while the red dust of East Africa hangs in the air is a dramatic experience that you can only fully understand once you’ve been out there yourself”

Ebenezer driver guide, 21 — “Any time I enter the magic world of the Ngorongoro Crater it really touches my heart deep down and I feel privileged and proud to be able to show this to our customers.”

Godson driver guide, 29 — “It makes me happy to feel the pure surprise and joy of our youngest clients when they spot a pride of lions for the very first time in their life.”

Sophia receptionist Eileen´s Trees Inn, 32 — “The main reason why I love it so much to work at the Eileen´s is to frequently get the perfect smiles from our customers once they enter the hotel site after a long day out there. When they realize what we offer here they immediately switch over into relaxation mode.”

Our Fleet Allen Tanzania Safaris operates a fleet of modern and well maintained Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 safari trucks that can literally reach any place. With its durable turbo diesel six-cylinder power train the Land Cruiser J70 offers a superior driving comfort even in the most severe conditions. All vehicles are equipped with pop up roofs and on-board refrigerators plus cell phone & camera battery charging devices.

* Our standard Toyota Land Cruiser features a maximum seating capacity of 5 customers plus driver. Every customer has a guaranteed window seat.

* Our Toyota Land Cruiser Long Wheel Base features a maximum seating capacity of 7 customers plus driver. Every customer has a guaranteed window seat.

Allen Tanzania Safaris mechanics Mike and Maurice know that convenient transport is the key to success for any safari. They make sure that all vehicles are well maintained and checked well before and after every safari.

Maurice mechanic, 29 — “I love the J70´s pure, simple, and unpretentious construction. Here in Africa the Land Cruiser is quite rightly famous for his unrivaled reliability and longevity.”

Mike mechanic, 36 — “On hot summer days lions seeking for a cool and shady resting place casually approach a safari truck and lay down right under it. It´s marvelous!”

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Our Fleet

  • 8 Toyota Land Cruiser J70
  • Up to 8 passenger seat
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Turbo diesel six-cylinder powertrain
  • Pop up roof
  • On-board refrigerator
  • On-board cell phone & camera battery charging device
  • The “off-road workhorse“