Local Excursions in Arusha District
Falco’s Baby Orphanage

According to UNICEF there are about 53 million children living without parents in Sub-Sahara Africa. In Tanzania alone there are several million orphans, many of whose parents have died from AIDS. »Falco’s Baby Orphanage is a private social initiative in Karatu that provides a permanent home for rescued and abandoned orphaned babies. The orphanage was founded by US citizens Jerry and Tammy Backus in October 2012. Both of them had gathered considerable experience in the mission field before coming to Tanzania in 2009. Actually Falco’s Children Orphanage is Jerry and Tammy’s second project, in 2010 they founded a home for orphaned children in Arusha. Right now Jerry and Tammy are about to finish their largest project so far, a 70-acre orphan village in Qurus, which will be home to 260 orphaned children and additionally provides educational, sports, and health facilities.

Falco’s Baby Orphanage provides a `family´ for each child while encouraging them to view each other as siblings. Currently the center takes care of about 23 small children, four of them affected by HIV. Because Falco’s Baby Orphanage doesn’t receive any kind of governmental support, the center fully depends on private donors. Since 2012 Allan Tanzania Safaris continuously support Falco´s Children Orphanage as Allen strongly believes that this is a great way to sustainably invest into the future of Tanzania.

Allen Tanzania Safaris organizes visitor tours on demand for interested customers while they stay in Karatu. During the tour visitors get a comprehensive insight into the daily life of the kids and their foster families, and they learn how donations are used in practice.