Local Excursions in Arusha District
Hadzabe Bushmen Visit

The Hadzabe, also called Hadza, are one of the last and most remote African Bushmen tribes and live as hunter-gatherers around Lake Eyasi in the central Rift Valley and on the neighboring Serengeti Plateau. Today the Hadza number just under 1,000 and they live much as their ancestors have for tens of thousands of years with relatively little modification to their basic way of life since then. They live in camps that average 30 individuals and still hunt for game with bows and arrows made from giraffe tendons. Hadza also gather honey from the holy African baobab trees, and dig for roots and tubers from deep within the arid ground of the acacia bush land.

They are usually willing to have visitors come and to show their simple bush homes where the tree canopy or a cave provides little shelter. A few hours spent with those bushmen that are perfectly adapted to the harsh living conditions makes the apparently arid bush country magically come to life. The Hadzabe live in perfect harmony with each other, in harmony with nature, and in harmony with themselves which is why such an encounter counts as one of the most sensitive cultural experiences today accessible for tourists in Africa.